The trial of the former Afghan President, Ashraf Ghani is possible under international law and the Afghan constitution:

There are abundant principles for the criminal trial of Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, Muhib, his National Security Advisor and Fazli, the head of the administration office of the based on Afghanistan and international laws. A lawsuit group, established based on national and human conscience, can begin collecting criminal materials and start the proceedings of Ashraf Ghani and his companions’ trial by making a committee of lawyers.  The people of Afghanistan demand the issue and are ready to help this process by any means.

There are many reasons why Ashraf Ghani needs to be arrested by INTERPOL.


Firstly, President Ghani has fled out of the country secretly without submitting his resignation. Due to his escape, which resulted in vacuum of power, the lives and livelihoods of hundreds of thousands of people are directly victimized.


Second, despite the demand of the international community and the people of Afghanistan, to avoid war, he ordered the Afghan security forces to fight for a long time. A war that led to the destruction of the country and killings of innocent civilians and security forces.
Third, the fugitive President was supposed to create a peaceful transfer of power. Instead, he publically encouraged Afghan armies to fight, but secretly ordered some commanders to surrender themselves. This resulted in a shock in Afghanistan and the world and paved the way for Taliban to make rapid progress in taking over the country. Hid deeds resulted in the loss of lives and property of the people and created terror and shock among people.


Fourth, while the former President escaped, he took millions of dollars with him and his accomplices. His wife, Rola Ghani, has theft gold and jewelries from the Presidential Palace and the National Museum, reported by a Russian Authority. We, the People of Afghanistan urgently urge that the case should be taken seriously, to bring the former President under justice. And the restoration of law and enforcement will help us get protected in the future.


Fifth, his escape of the President and the vacuum of power, happened without informing Afghan people and security system, resulted in billions of dollars of financial and public assets lose as well as human loses.

There are yet abundant other reasons for his trial, which can be gathered and filed for his trial and submitted to national and international courts.



Organization of Afghanistan’s Refugees in Finland KANUN RY


Suomen Afganistanilaisten Järjestö KANUN RY




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