Donald Trump the President of United States of America and Vladimir Putin Russian Federal Republic!

We welcome your visit to Finland. No doubt that the world media has been focused on this meeting, as an important step toward world peace and de-escalation. We are also hopeful that this meeting would also have a positive effect on those countries, still suffering from wars imposed by international terrorism and extremism.

Afghanistan is one of the unfortunate lands where due to the long war, peace, prosperity and stability are still a distant dream of its poor citizens.

After 9/11, our people have welcomed international community led by US with the huge optimism and hope that now the miseries of Afghanistan will be ended and there will be no more need to seek refuge in foreign countries. The people believed in the promises for a better life, democracy and implementation of Human Rights.

With great sorrow it is stated that even after 18 years of International mission led by US, Afghans are still suffering from violence and mass killing by the terrorist and extremist elements inside and outside the system unprecedented. The continuous war, poverty and migration due to increasing insecurity under the shadow of international community have once again derived Afghan toward disappointment, hopelessness and anger. The main cause of collective anger is the gross deviation and change in the policy, which has put the whole financial and military assistance in vain.

Dissatisfaction and irritation in the absence of any tangible change in the life of ordinary people has reached to its threshold which could be surfaced any time. It could manifest itself as an explosion which would block any possibility of an honorable exit of US army from Afghanistan.

Dear President Trump,

Don’t you really know that resources of the US are operated by an extremist and Fascist circle of Afghan presidential palace supported by the US? This circle is manipulating your credibility by mass killings, ethnic domination and their Chauvinistic writ to politically and physically eliminate other communities. Your Tax payer’s money is under control of groups of Mafia based in Afghan presidential palace and being used to isolate the other communities. Ashraf Ghani with its ethnocentric circle misleading US and the world community with wrong analysis of the situation based on their direr objectives.

Dear President Trump,

The people of Afghanistan will never forget the generous assistance by the US after the heart-rending event of 9/11. We all know that if the international efforts were not misled and deviated, Afghanistan would have been a country, free from Terrorism and extremism and peace and stability in our war torn country would have already prevailed. In this regards, after taking Oval office you have corrective found out that Pakistan got a huge amount of US financial support to fight terrorism but on the contrary all those resources were used to strengthen terrorist circles, killing the US soldiers.
We, the Afghan Diaspora who left their country due to intolerable violence by Taliban, even in your presence in our country, have strong believe in international Human values and have strong faith in the final victory of peace over violence. We invite the kind attention of your Excellency and the President Vladimir Putin to the following points,

1. Ashraf Ghani is legitimizing his ethnocentric agenda by your presence in Afghanistan. He is using your resources for ethnic cleansing of Non Pashtoons and forced migration to cease their land for his native community.
2. With the pretext to eliminate Warlords, he is using your money and strength to weaken other communities. With his ill vision, he is promoting civil war in Afghanistan.
3. Ethnocentric Mafia led by Ashraf Ghani manipulating religious and ethnic sentiments of innocent people and leading Afghanistan to irreversible crisis which could destabilize Afghanistan and the regions which is also not in the greater interest of US too.
4. With the US money in Afghanistan Ghani is arming Gulbuddin Hekmatyar and many Taliban groups even at the cost of the blood of US soldiers, as well ethnic cleansing of Tajik, Hazara and Uzbeks and cerntral and Northern Afghanistan. We request you not to depend of the false information provided by Afghan Ghani, rather build up a direct contact with the various communities.
5. The people of Afghanistan don’t have any objections with the military, economic and political presence of the US. Our only concern is that your resources should not be used for the implementation of domination theory of ethnocentric circle led by Ghani and elimination of various communities.
6. The communities of Afghanistan have deep cultural and historical roots in that country. We believe that that no one can de-root them from their native land. That’s why the US treasure and blood shouldn’t be used on that path depicted by the fascist circle.

At last, we have the same demand from the president Putin also to help Afghanistan for a peaceful settlement but don’t take any step to fortify fascist ruling circle of Kabul. In Afghanistan, there are enough potential and capacity for a democratic system.

This message belongs to victims of war and violence. Our message is to defend US credibility and dignity, our message is to defend Human Rights, democracy and in support for peace and prosperity for Human Being.
کانون افغانستانيهای فنلند
Suomen Afganistanilaisten järjestö ry
Finnish Afghans’ Association

16.07.2018, Helsinki

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